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  1. Hi, I am a new NP, graduated in May and have been looking for positions since. Only recently my luck seems to have really turned around. I'm working full-time temp to perm job as an NP (my first NP job) and I received two other full time job offers recently. I already declined the one full-time job mostly because it is in primary care, although is is in my "specialty" family practice, I'd prefer to specialize. I received a job offer in South Jersey from a doc in a very small practice ( the doc, a medical assistant, and a secretary) that has the benefits of a larger practice: 401k, group medical coverage etc. because the physcians banded together for malpractice reasons, it's like a franchise.
    The doc prefers someone who he can train, so I am his first choice. It's really the perfect job, besides the fact that I have to move to Jersey from western, PA AND the salary benefits package is low. Luckily due to this temp to perm job, I am not desperate, so I plan to negotiate.

    I'm having difficulty finding solid evidence that a new full-time NP should get x vacation, x sick time etc. Here's the offer he sent me any suggestions as to what I should consider unacceptable would be wonderful.

    The salary range I've seen from simply hired, is average 77k-93k either for NP for endo. or FNP in South Jersey. How much lower from the bottom should a new NP expect salary wise?

    Date of hire: January x 2010
    Training/Growth period:
    Compensation: $35 per hour
    First phase: 3 days per week, (8 hours per day) for maximum 6 weeks
    Second phase: 4 days per week, (8 hours per day) for maximum 6 weeks
    Full-time Status:
    Full-time Salary: $70,000 per year.
    Bonus: Discretionary.
    Commencement: Begins at conclusion of growth period (no later than April 11, 2011)
    Clinical Hours: 8:45 am-5:30 pm three days/week; 10:45 am-7:15 pm one day/week,
    8:45 am - 3:30 pm one day/week. (Hours are a good faith estimate).
    Vacation/PTO: 4 weeks (20 work days per year), which includes CME time.
    Health Insurance: Stipend $265 per pay-period (bi-weekly).
    CME/Professional: $1500 expense allotment for approved CME expenses.
    401K/Match: Available, per plan requirements.
    Maternity Leave: Six (6) weeks paid time off for maternity leave.
    Flexible Spending: Per company policy.
    Hospital Dues: xx
    State License: New Jersey.
    Malpractice: $1,000,000/$3,000,000 of Occurrence coverage provided.
    Moving Expense: $1200
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