Competitive Applicant for CRNA

  1. I have been considering pursuing a career as a CRNA. At this time I do not have any ICU experience, and will have to move from the town I live in to get experience in an ICU that will help prepare me for admission. I am wondering if I will be a competitive applicant once I gain experience.

    Here are the specs:

    BSN and BS in Biology and Chemistry (concentration in Organic Chemistry)
    Overall GPA of 3.2, including my current semester of Graduate nursing studies
    I have a recent GRE score in the high 1200s.

    I am currently looking at positions in an Open Heart Recovery/CVICU in a hospital that I worked in previously. I was let go, as my unit closed about one year after I was hired, and I have an excellent chance at getting the position since I was employed there before and let go r/t a merger with another hospital.
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