CNL student interested in Perinatal Care- Where to go from here?

  1. I am currently a first semester MS-CNL (Clinical Nurse Leader) student with a BA in a non-nursing field and I am interested in going into an OB specialty. I sat through a series of presentations today regarding advance practice specialty options, and there wasn't a word about OB/perinatal/Women's Health/Midwifery.

    What are my options for MS, DNP, or post-masters certificate programs in this field? I have found some tidbits here and here about the perinatal CNS and even found mention of a perinatal NP. The latter sounds very intriguing to me. Do these programs actually exist? It's really hard to find any information online.

    I know there are no programs like this in my area (Maryland), but I would consider relocating if I knew there was a great program and there was a demonstrative need for an advanced practice OB nurse who is not a CNM. Please don't get me wrong, I think CNMs are fantastic, and saw them for my own pregnancy, but as a doula, I see the way they are treated here in MD, and for the hours they work, for what they make, and have to pay in malpractice insurance, I have no interest in pursuing that option at this time. Besides, UMB did away with their CNM program a few years ago, and there aren't any other local options (JHU has one through Shenendoah in VA, but that's way too far for me- I have little kids!!).

    The concept of an advance practice perinatal nurse sounds perfect for me (care of women of childbearing age and their babies), but I don't really believe that they exist yet.

    If you have ever worked as a perinatal CNS or as an OB nurse who has come in contact with something close to this role, I would love to hear your input.


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    I live in nashville and Vanderbilt has a women's health nurse practioner program which is different than their nurse midwifery program. check out the website