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clinical sites and preceptor for NP school

  1. 0 any NP, or NP students have any advice on what to be prepared for at clinical sites?
    I have to go next semester to a clinical site, and I'm nervous. what if the doctor doesn't like me. Do you get drilled?
    What exactly do you do at the clinical sites>???
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    It varies. I've now done two programs (adult health CNS and peds CNS) and here are some of my experiences:

    1. Excellent MD at urgent care where I got to do the initial assessment, plan and then present to MD.

    2. Pediatric hospitalist team where I was at the bottom of the food chain and barely got to see a child let alone do anything else.

    3. Nursing home where I worked with an FNP who allowed me to see pts and then present them to her.

    4. Community hospital ER where the MD stated "I don't like mid-levels and they don't belong in the ER"

    5. MD in level one trauma center where I saw pts and then presented - wonderful teaching experience.

    And then some in between.