Certification for Family Mental Health NP

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    Has anyone sat for the Family Mental Health Psychiatric NP certification exam since they changed it on 03/01/2010? I only know one person who did, she is already an FNP (this was a post master's certificate) and she did not pass? I just need to find someone with some advice on how to pass this examination. The overall pass rate does not seem to be very high (or at least not for the previous exam).

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    I saw for adult pmhnp that the pass rate for 2009 was that of the 462 people that sat for the exam, on 97 did not pass! Hopefully Iwill be one of the ones that pass next week.
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    Good luck to you, please come back and post a hooray!! when you pass.
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    Thanks for support! I take the exam around lunch time.
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    Well I did it. I passed 400/500. The exam was very difficult. Seemed like more of a family exam than a Adult Psych exam.
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    Congratulations!!!!!!!!Please share your secret for success? What did you study in particular? Anything? Congratulations again, I know you are relieved.

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