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  1. I am a cardiac NP, relatively new to this job. I have been in this position over a year. I work with a relatively large group of cardiologists, nurse practitioners, and PAs. We cover hospital and clinic. Lots of different personalities, and little teamwork. I love cardiology, I thought this was my dream job. However, I am disgusted with the lack of teamwork. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    Can you explain the lack of teamwork further?

    I did an extensive clinical rotation in a private Cardiology practice like you described. Lots of Cardiologists (interventional, non-interventional, EP), lots of NP's and PA's, three hospitals, large clinic with stress testing capability. The NP's and PA's doing in-patient rounds split patients up in the morning. They do struggle with finding attendings to staff some of the consults. Attendings for admissions are preassigned. The clinic was more organized as there are patients pre-assigned for the NP's to see. Was the lack of teamwork more between NP's or does it involve attendings too?
  4. by   bsnanat2
    Sounds frustrating. In addition to answering Juan's questions, I would suggest that you find some like-minded providers in the practice and develop your own "team" with them. Everyone may never get on the same page, but it could help solve your problem.