Cant Pass Certfication exam

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    My name is Jamie and I have taken the AANP twice and NOV 17 I took AANC exam and did not pass it. I had a remediation with DR. Fitzgerald and it went ok. I am just so frustrated. Everytime I did not pass it has been by 1 or 2 points

    I have every review book, been to a review class with Cds. I need help. I need someone to point me in the right direction. Can you please contact me

    MY ER job has been on hold as I have been waiting to pass this exam

    Thank you


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    Same thing for me Please email me. I am desperately seeking someone to talk/communicate with
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    just a question, have you been doing a lot of reviewing of material or just questions. If just questions, what kind of grades are you getting when you test urself?

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