Can I work as a CNS? Can I work as a CNS? | allnurses

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Can I work as a CNS?

  1. 0 Hi everybody and anybody! I am struggling with something and am in dire need of some guidance, or answers! I am set to graduate with my MSN in Nursing Education this summer. The hospital I work for wants me to be the Clinical Nurse Specialist upon graduation----there has been no talk of intentions being to bill for my service. So, my questions are this:
    1) Can I do that with the degree I will receive?
    2) Knowing I will have the MSN-Education, how much more education would I have to take
    to function as a CNS?

    All thoughts are welcome and needed! I am so confused right now!
    Thank you in advance!
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    you would need to complete a post msn certificate in order to be licensed as a cns.