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BSN to MS in Biotechnology...any info or experience?

  1. 0 Anybody out there have any info on a masters degree in biotechnology? What is the starting pay range? Anybody know of anyone who has gone through a biotechnology program after a nursing degree?
    Thanks for any info.
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    What school are you looking at? The biotechnology masters program at my university is completely inappropriate to nursing, assuming you have no bs in another field. It is extremely loaded with advanced biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, etc. There are no applications for nursing. If you can tell me what school your looking at I might be able to give you some advice. It is a new field and there might be a program open up to nurses. But a BsN comes no where close to preparing for the one at my school. Nurses don't even meet the admission criteria, they specify bs in one of the hard sciences or engineering.