BSN nurse looking to become an ARNP

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    Hi guys,
    I am currently an RN working in a pediatrics unit. I am planning on applying for grad school next year and starting in the fall (hopefully). I am debating on whether or not to go for my MSN and go back for my DNP or just got BSN to DNP right away. I want to become a pediatric np, but the one of the programs I looked at is an RN to MSN program. With that can I eventually specialize in peds or do I need to go to a program that is designed to train pediatric np??? Any advice is more than welcome.

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    I think that you need to find a pediatric NP program for sure. That sounds so exciting. Our you can do an FNP program and make sure you do at least 3 clinicals in peds. We have 2 pediatric nurses in our FNP program and they have done at least 2-3 clinical rotations in peds and peds specialties (like cardiology). But if I were you and only wanted to do peds, I would find a pediatric program

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