Best States for NP Owned and Independent Practice

  1. I am a Nurse Practitioner with 12 years of practice as an NP. My wife is currently in NP school. We want to relocate to a state which has favorable conditions for NP independent practice. I would greatly appreciate any input to help guide us in choosing a location most favorable to open our own practice/office.

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  3. by   KidPsycho82
    Hi Seemz,

    I too am an NP and am interested in finding out the exact same thing. In MA, we still require a collaborative agreement with a doc and lots of red tape. I am interested in starting a private practice in psych. am board certified in two areas and want to know the same info. Where are you now?
  4. by   stevesf
    The Pearson Report is a good place to start.

    AK, AZ, DC, MO, NH, NM, OR, RI, WA, WY all get an 'A' rating for autonomy. MA gets a 'D', BTW. AL, FL, GA, MD, MI, MO, NC, SC, all rated an 'F'.

    Other factors some into play, too. Here in CT, as in many other states, we have a collaborative agreement, and if you can find a supportive physician, the prescriptive laws are fairly friendly, and it's possible to have enough autonomy. CT rates a 'B'.