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    Are there a lot of openings for Neonatal NPs out there? I have seen some online but was wondering if someone working in the field could give a more precise description. Is it a worthwhile career? Are all of the shifts requiring 24 or 12 hours and holidays? Also how the wages are. This us for all across the country.

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    I'm told that the market is pretty good for NNPs.

    You can look at these two head hunter sites that recruit specifically for NNPs:

    Linkous Recruiting

    Home | Ensearch Management ConsultantsEnsearch Management ConsultantsPediatrix (the company) also recruits for NNPs.

    Each hospital has its own rules about shift work for NNPs (8s, 12s, 24s), but I wouldn't count on having holidays off all the time. If you want that, you're better off doing clinic work (doing adults or peds) because ICU care is 24/7.

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