Bachelore foreign of Midwifery and being CNM in USA , Please help?

  1. hi every one,
    i really need some answers. i was midwife in my country for 7 years (i have bachelors of midwifery). in my country l & d unit runs only with midwives, we don't have any nurses in that unit. i worked 5 years in l & d and related antepartum clinic and triage and postpartum...every thing together and then worked 2 years at women's health clinic as a physician assistant. then i moved to usa, and now i am new graduate with bsn. and i have applied for getting my credential as cnm from new york state, it is in processing of evaluation of my midwifery education. my experience as midwife is not recent since i'm living here from 2002. but i have all knowledge of women's health and midwifery with my heart, i love this career.
    my question is that, does my experience count even though it is out of usa and not recent for getting job as a midwife, when i get my credential as cnm? espacially in california?

    i have to mention that i could not find any job in hospital yet, but i am working now in a skilled nursing facility.

    i'm looking forward for any suggestion from you?
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