Apea , my bible, and Scared

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    I have always been an avid reader of the all nursing website. I grew up with a very limited resources in life. I completed my MSN I am almost able to reach my goal of being financially secure. I wanted to find out your opinion of the Barkley review and Apea review for AANP. I completed the APEA review for school. I saved my money and registered for the Barkley review, taking it next week. I scored a 50% on the first Barkley pre-DRST . I scored a 60% on the AANP review and 70% on the Hollier Review. I take my boards in 6 weeks. Should I focus on Barkley or the Apea Review. Any suggestions will help . Peace and Blessings
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  3. by   lexinyoo
    I'll be honest with you, Barkley and Fitzgerarld are all good. But they cannot replace what your program has taught you. I am also studying for the FNP, and did well on the AANP practice test but just barely getting by on the fnpprep.com website. Today I finally went back and reread the JANC 7 guidelines, and USPTF guidelines on screening. I feel a little better. I'm also a pediatric NP, so I'm not even looking at the peds junk other than devo. Good luck to you!