Anyone in St. Joseph's Univ. FNP Program? Need Advice.

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    Was wondering if anyone could advise me on the FNP program at St. Joseh's University of Maine. I am considering applying and starting in January 2011. How are the professors and program advisors? Do you have time to work and go to school? Is the program worth the cost? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    I work full time and go to school full time at St. Josephs college of maine. I manage to keep a 3.40 it is doable
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    Thank you Boone1. Do you only take one course at a time? Will you be going to summer classes at the campus?
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    You get 15 weeks to do one class I usually get through my class in 6 to 8 weeks so I can do to classes in the 15 week time frame. I concentrate one one class at the time when I finish that class up in 6 -8 weeks I start on the next class.
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    The classes have a lot of reading and paper writting I spend at least 2-4 hours a day working on home work. I am not going to the summer session this summer The aanp conferance is this smmer also so I will be attending that.
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    Thank you so much Boonce1 for the great info. I can study 4 hours a day if needed. I am going to work 36 hours per week too. If I have to, I could reduce working to 24 hour per week. I finished my BSN in May 2004, so I guess I'll have to get back in the swing of reading, writing, researching, and powerpoints. I believe it will be a continuation of the BSN program because that's all we did, and, to include presentations in the flesh. Guess we won't have to do that. Have you taken any proctored test yet? Are they multiple choice, fill in the blanks or essay questions? How is the Angel portal? Can you streamline into class and ask questions in present time? I am also applying to University of Southern Indiana but classes dont' start until fall. It has a great reputaton, rigourous, and it's only $275 credit hour. You can streamline right in the class as it is being taught or watch the class at a later time. They have a 100% pass rate for licensure. You need 42 credit hours for the USI FNP program. So $11,550 tuition without books for University of Southern Indiana and $28,800 tuition without books for St. Joe's. Both curriculums are similar. The plus of St. Joe's is that they allow you self-pace your courses and I would concentrate on one class at a time before starting the next one like you. Do you sign up for the next class once you finish the class your in? I am applying to both schools and then I will make my decision, I'll let you know. I know it's a lot of questions and you are busy with work and school but just thought I would ask. Thanks and have a great day, Cynthia
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    I also applied to that school in indianna I did not get in because they did not receive my transcripts from my BSN in enough time I had just graduated a couple of days before the deadline so that sucked but it was ok I got in at st josephs. St Josephs program just started so I will be in the group of the first graduates for this program. I have not had to take any proctered test. All I have left to take is about 3 core courses and my clinicals and I will be done.
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    The way they have it set up is there is 5 units within the 5 units are 3 lesson you do the reading you have discussion question for each lesson and usually a paper. In the NP classes you will have extra things such as case study that may require you to do describe the head to toe assessment or write a prescription for the case study So far it is going well
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    Boonce1, I am so glad things are going well for you. I really like both schools they both have a lot to offer. I'll just wait and see what happens with my apps. and go from there. Good luck to you! Cynthia
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    Do you or anyone else know if they require group projects?

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