Anyone in St. Joseph's Univ. FNP Program? Need Advice. - page 6

Was wondering if anyone could advise me on the FNP program at St. Joseh's University of Maine. I am considering applying and starting in January 2011. How are the professors and program advisors? Do... Read More

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    now that more people are enrolling in the program sometimes it gets harder to communicate with the staff Has anybody else noticed this.

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    I gave up on St. Joseph's. Waiting nearly a month for an assignment to be graded is ridiculous. I got a survey to complete after I finished my first (and last) class with them, and I was brutally honest. I've attended other online schools and had much more interaction/communication. I received a good grade from St. Joe's, but felt very much isolated and taken for granted throughout the process. Grade comments read very much like form letters or 'canned' responses. All in all, it just seemed somewhat disorganized and inattentive. Not my cup of tea.
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    Could you privately message me?
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    Quote from Meirk30
    didnt get my unit 1 back yet. should get it tomorrow or next day. I will let you know how i did.
    yeah your letter grade should be at the bottom of the email somewhere or at the end of the graded assignment. i know they grade heavy on correct apa format so make sure your doing that.
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    Are any St.Joseph's students residents of Massachusetts?

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