Anyone applying to UAB MSN program (FNP) for Fall 2012?

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    I live in north Atlanta and have applied to the MSN online program at The University of Alabama at Birmingham for Fall 2012. Just wondering if there is anyone else out there who has applied and what, if anything, you may know about the details of the program and application process.

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    Hi! I applied to UAB's Dual Womens/Adult MSN program. Have you received a decision? After reading some previous years' posts, it looks like UAB has a history of late responses (almost July).
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    No, I'm still waiting. They sent an email saying it would be June. Ugh! Tic-toc...
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    Hello! I have been accepted to Adult NP program part time fall 2012. From what I understand it is tough but UAB is a good school and I would expect no less. I live in TN. best of Luck!
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    I got accepted into A/G primary care NP, part time fall 2012
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    Great! I am just curious how many applied and how many was accepted.....

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