Any online PNP Programs?

  1. 0 Are there any online PNP programs? I am interested in becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner, but I cannot find anywhere if any programs have most of the coursework online. I understand clinicals may require local attendance, but the coursework I would hope could be online. Any help is greatly appreciated?
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    I believe drexel university in Philly has an online PNP program option. But i think you have to be online during certain class times. e.g. 1p-3p etc. And Seaton Hall in NJ has online too. Good luck in your search.
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    the university of south alabama,college of nursing offers a pediatric nurse practitioner (msn) and a pediatric acute care nurse practitioner (dnp). both programs are offeredon-line. however, there is an on campusorientation, as well as an on campus skills verification prior to starting clinical.
    you have the option of completing clinical in an areaconvenient to you. the college ofnursing currently has clinical affiliations with many facilities. the staff appears willing to establish new clinical affiliations,however expect to do much of the leg work in finding appropriate contacts.

    goog luck in whichever program you choose.

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