Any NPs in corrections here?

  1. I am currently an FNP with a community health center, but have been contacted by a correctional facility here in ohio looking for another provider. Are there any NPs here who work for corrections, esp in Ohio that could give me some insight to their typical set up/ work day?

    My background was in inpatient psych, both for the state and for a university, so I am used to the structured environment and in general the population, so that is not so much an issue as much as the fear that I would want to refer and test when appropriate but have heard horror stories about the correctional institutions denying claims that are standards of care.
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  3. by   NJprisonrn
    I worked as an RN in a prison. The NPs did have issues ordering medications and tests that were "non formulary". It is all about cost containment and is not a caring environment. There is also a lot of excess DOC paperwork on top of your other documentation. These are some of the reasons I left. However, would work there again as a provider. Good luck.