ANY NP here from Long Island

  1. HI

    Just curious is there any Nurse Practioners from long island on this site. I needs your Help. Im is currently taking my RN-BSN online and one of my finals requires a NP to watch me do a head to toe assessment on a patient that I will bring. It will only take less then an hour.
    I work in a private office were we dont have an NP and no one knows one. I have called acouple of places and no one is willing to watch me.The test just requires that an NP check off on the head to toe assessment list that I completed each step and sign off at the end.

    Im despair, because so far everyone I contacted isnt willing to help and the test needs to be complete in 4 weeks and I need to submit the NP name in by next week.

    Please help a fellow nurse.

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