1. Hello,
    I will give it one more shot, has anyone taken the ANCC exam after March 1,2010 when they changed the format. Iam taking ANCC June 22nd and AANP July 7th and freaking out becaue I have taken them both before and was not successful. any tips would be appreciated. Thanks soooo much.
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  3. by   dpmm
    Hi Kelly, I've been out of town so sorry for the late reply.
    I did pass the AANP test, I studied a lot for it as I am a poor test taker.

    I used all of the following:
    the Liek book containing 500 questions (big help!)
    Fitzgerald's review course and review book and online questions...

    APEA website with review questions(have to pay for it)
    Zerwekh and Claborn's review book (mostly used the CD with questions on it.)

    I was so sick of studying by the time I took the test, I thought for sure I would not pass, but the YoU Passed came up on the screen and surprised even me!

    Good luck - I don't think I would have passed if I used only the Fitzgerald stuff, I was getting too bored with it and needed a different type of review ( the Leik questions were really helpful!! and the APEA website.

    If I were you, I'd go to the APEA website and buy the review questions for the FNP test. If you have time the Leik book would be my next recommendation for study materials. Good luck!

    Le t me know if you get this and how you end up doing!!

    All the best!@
  4. by   KJLewis
    Hi: I agree with getting the cert. question review book on APEA. Dr Hollier's questions are right on with great explanations & she doesn't get into unnecessary, mind boggling details like Fitzgerald does. (Not knocking Peg Fitzgerald- she is the Cert guru). I thought the ANCC was down right "out there" for their questions. ANCC questions and answers were too subjective and who knew where they came up with the answers. Stick to either taking AANP or ANCC or you will drive yourself crazy. Don't give up. I took ANCC once, AANP X2 and I finally passed. I won't go into when the server crashed during one AANP exam. What a nightmare.You can do it. Tenacity and focus is where it is. You go.
  5. by   kellynp
    Thanks so much for the response, I will let you know how I do. One quick quesion, is there alot of peds, and peds milestones or those darn Hep B antibody, antigen markers? Thanks kellie
  6. by   dpmm

    One or two on peds. I had at least 4 or 5 on the anemias, which I made sure I knew as they were a little confusing at first. Only one or two on Hep. I'd know those anemia's. each test is different so concentrate on your weak areas because somehow they always manage to ask questions in your own weak area!

    Good luck! Did you get the leik book? or go to the APEA website?

    Take care,

    ps this is for the aanp test/