Advised for a FNP student about to start clinicals

  1. Any advise for a FNP student about to start in her first round of clinicals?
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  3. by   t2kck
    I was instructor for graduate and undergraduate students. DO NOT BE SCARED. It should be exciting with loads of stories to discuss with your classmates. The first thing a new FNP students needs prior to clinical are as follows: 1. great physical assessment skills (if you can't hear a bruit, you better get to know the sound, as well as the difference between rales, wheezes and no breath sounds; cranial nerves.) I had more students who passed advance physical assessment and could not tell that a pt had right sided weakness. This was after having the pt squeeze their hand. 2. read the admission note if in a hospital and look at the labs. If in office, check out the problem list. 3. Carry a pocket medication book, measuring tape and pen light etc. Learn how to use the oto/opthalmoscope. 4. Ask questions, request to have your preceptor show you the labs and discuss the normal and abnormal, discuss XR's , CT's etc even if you have no clue as to what you are looking and then request a discussion of the findings. I found putting a student with a NP was better than with a doc. Always ask to see the patient. Many students are afraid to ask and therefore never assess a patient. You are not the nurse, you are a person training to be a NP. Get permission first. So many students sit on the side reading when they should be in the examination room. Don't cut out of clinical early because you can. Stay. You may miss the big show of the day, pt coughing up a "little" blood, no SOB, but is going to keel over in the office….later with a PE. This is great for a new student. You see how pulmonologist use their art of medicine.
  4. by   NaturalFNP
    Wow! Thanks for the information. I've applied for 3 fnp schools, and I'm waiting to hear from them. I will take everything you said and use it to my advantage. Once again, thanks!