Acute Care NP student in Tampa Bay looking for preceptor

  1. I'll be starting my second semester (and first semester of clinicals) of my Acute Care NP program this January 2012. I'm looking for a NP or MD preceptor in the Tampa Bay area (I live in St. Pete). I'm attending UF and I would prefer to stay closer to home. I work at St. Anthony's and I've been an ER nurse for 9 years. My goal after I graduate is ER/Trauma but I would like experience in critical care as I have only ever worked emergency. I might find I like inpatient critical care better after a few rotations

    We have 3 semesters of clinicals (ACNP 1, 2, and 3) and then a final semester of practicum. I would appreciate advice from any current ACNP about what specialities are best for ACNP and if there is a preferred order of clinical sites. Also, if anyone has info related to contacting preceptors... I've emailed local hospitals with no response. Also nothing specific to ACNP on the enp network. Thanks.
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    Call the education and training office here: