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  1. Hello fellow nurses,

    I am about to graduate in April with my BSN. And I found a passion for psychiatric nursing. I loved my clinical experiences and really want to pursue the field further. Most schools I've checked into don't require a minimum year of RN experience to apply. But still I wonder what my chances would be. Does anyone know statistics? As in how many students apply to programs how many are accepted. I don't want to apply unless I have a chance.

    Here is what I got, I guess you could say. Cum GPA 3.3 Upward trend of 3.5 the last two semesters. 3 years of experience as a hospital tech. 6 months as a psych aide. Teaching assistant for 2 classes, was an anatomy and physiology tutor and a list of about 8 clubs/extra curricular activities. And a passionate drive to be a PMHNP.

    Any advice/concerns/snide remarks are welcome. Thanks!

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  3. by   j9eRN
    I will be starting the program this august. I wanted to hear what you have to say about it. Please share some info on your first semester experience!