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    Hi guys! I recently rescheduled my AANP exam, so I take it tomorrow. So far, I', averaging about 72% on APEA practice tests. I got 76% on the APEA Mock predictor exam. Anyone familiar about what this score is telling me? On the right track or in serious trouble?
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    Just go in and do your best. When I took mine on March I didn't do real well on the practice exams but went in with a positive attitude, took my time and didn't read into the questions. I thought the test was difficult but not unfair. Just read the question and answer the question the are asking for. Good luck!
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    How did you do?
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    Good luck, I hope it went well? did it have much research, policy or theory in your opinion. I keep hearing oh AANP is all clinical, but when I take the practice AANP exams for fnpprep.com, all these confusing questions about those topics come up. I took the AANP practice test for $50, and got a stellar 84%. I'm just waiting on my ATT to get this mess over with.