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hi, looking for some job advice. got my first np offer at the place where i currently work as an rn, boston area. ft 40 hrs, one eve. shift/week, sat/sun rotation q 3 weeks. no call, open all holidays and will rotate with... Read More

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    How are you liking the new job? I am currently in my last year in an Acute Care NP program, and starting to consider my options. I work in a community hospital in the ED outside of Boston (I have been nursing 9 years) I have a potential job when I graduate at the ED I work in with a salary of approx $110K, the downside is that there is not a well established orientation from what I can tell having seen a coworker get hired as an NP. My ACNP program has been a waste of time and money so far, (I won't mention the name) so I feel like a good orientation will be critical for me. With this being said I am wondering if I will end up taking a lesser paying position to obtain a better orientation. Okay, ill quite now, just wanted to give my 2 cents,
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    mos79 - is the fact that you can't see kids a factor in being hired in the ER? Just curious.

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