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Solvent abuse young childrens

  1. 0 Hifriends I am Umesh,working as a staff nurse at center for addiction medicine ,NIMHANS,India. i am concentrating studies on solvent abuse in young childrens ,if you know the information kindly share with me .
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    I did a search on "solvent abuse children" on and found many, many articles. I think such a search could lead to what you want to research.
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    There are many published articles on solvent abuse in children. In order to receive evidence-based research I suggest doing your research in journals. Solvent abuse is dangerous that leads to brain damage, renal failure, death, among other things

    Good Luck
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    Thank you for suggestion but i need an information purely,from addiction nurses
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    The suggestions above are good ones. You need to consider googling articles/evidenced-based sites.