Submission Rules for Academic Nursing Research Participation - Must Read

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    Below are the submission rules for posting in this forum:

    • Registered users may access and utilize the Academic Nursing Research Participation Requests forum to post approved academic research request(s).
    • No commercial request(s) will be considered or accepted at any time.
    • After approval, you may post your research request in the Academic Nursing Research Participation Requests forum. Once you post your research, it will once again be reviewed and go public after final approval.
    • You may post a link in one other nursing forum that is related to your research.
    • You agree to give credit to as a source in your publication for the use of this service.
    • You agree to post your final research paper online in the nursing articles section on to share the findings with the entire community.
    • All research request(s) are subject to staff approval and (may) be denied for any reason.
    • To expedite your approval, please include all the items on the application below.

    Click here to submit your research approval application

    Please post in the Help Desk if you have additional questions.
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