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  1. Survey for Oncology nurses and coping mechanisms used
    Moved by jenvankempen Jun 20, '11
  2. Anyone willing to answer some questions for transcultural nursing?
    Moved by ShannonRN2010 Sep 24, '11
  3. I need to interview 5 nurses please!
    Moved by SweettartRN Sep 12, '11
  4. Night shift worker survey
    Moved by nightshiftCCU Sep 12, '11
  5. Looking for Research Proposal ideas
    Moved by nike0777 Sep 10, '11
  6. Advice needed on research project
    Moved by melsalter Sep 7, '11
  7. I need 25 people to answer the following question....
    Moved by ctyler98 Aug 30, '10
  8. Lateral Violence Survey
    Moved by NHNursingNews Mar 19, '11
  9. Assignment for MSN degree
    Moved by brendajs Jun 28, '11
  10. Attn ED Nurses:  Nurses' experience responding to emergencies in public
    Moved by AFDN2011 Jun 20, '11
  11. Survey for Oncology Nurses
    Moved by jenvankempen Jun 8, '11
  12. Students/Faculty: Please answer 3 research questions: High-fidelity simulation
    Moved by Tara22 May 31, '11
  13. Survey re: nursing perceptions of adequate staffing
    Moved by Studentsally May 29, '11
  14. Seeking Research Participants for a cultural competence in nursing online course
    Moved by publichealth5 Feb 22, '10
  15. Attn: reg. nurses + nurse managers "Job Opportunities for New Graduate Nurses"
    Moved by tammyca1 Apr 13, '11
  16. Facilitators and Inhibitors to Obtaining Your Masters in Nursing
    Moved by tammyca1 Apr 6, '11
  17. Seeking students in online RN-BSN degree programs for research participan​ts
    Moved by victoriabrahe Apr 10, '11
  18. Nurses and stress
    Moved by maa2012 Mar 24, '11
  19. need nurse manager to interview about role transition
    Moved by biwa Mar 23, '11
  20. I am graduating in May--hopefully
    Moved by ljMatt Mar 23, '11
  21. Nursing Research Survey: Recognition and Reporting of Impaired Nurses
    Moved by EllieMac Feb 22, '11
  22. Professional Roles in Nursing class questionnaire
    Moved by jdib Mar 3, '11
  23. Tennessee Nursing Research
    Moved by elrichardson Feb 16, '11
  24. MSN in Clinical Research Administration at George Washington University
    Moved by WannabeaFNP Jan 11, '11
  25. Please help me by participating in my research project online!
    Moved by ej48 Jan 19, '11
  26. I need to interview an Educator and a Clinical Specialist
    Moved by Cindy Brothers Jan 26, '11
  27. Nursing students
    Moved by rxsalas Jul 14, '09
  28. Confused about nursing research
    Moved by katiehydrangea Dec 19, '10
  29. Nursing profession & International orphan advocacy
    Moved by pfruechting Dec 29, '10
  30. I need to ask a few question in order to write a paper about it
    Moved by xin0754chen Dec 7, '10
  31. How can we improve RN job satisfaction?
    Moved by ASparks Nov 29, '10
  32. N95 Respirators - would appreciate learning about your experiences
    Moved by HealthcareSafety Oct 29, '10
  33. Looking for RN's who have experienced a downsizing or a reorganization
    Moved by * Nurse Jenni * Sep 26, '10
  34. Need Your Help!!!
    Moved by AshNix Oct 21, '10
  35. Need to get in contact with nurse associated with epidemiology
    Moved by kingandshe Oct 20, '10
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