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  1. Ideas for undergrad nursing research!
    Moved by superWufie Jul 16, '12
  2. Female Genital Mutilation Survey for RN's, CNM's, and NP's
    Moved Research by bc34 Jul 5, '12
  3. Hospitals going paperless, not fast enough.
    Moved by yolandaoz Jun 14, '12
  4. Survey for research class - quick and easy!
    Moved Research by dlvrntn Apr 9, '12
  5. Bachelor's Educated Nurse Survey
    Moved by SouthernLPN2RN Jun 11, '12
  6. do nurse practitioners, crna and other nurses with a masters degree drink soda?
    Moved by kht124 Feb 11, '12
  7. Nurses' Feelings Toward Work
    Moved Research by XUMastersStudent Aug 26, '11
  8. Enhancing Nursing Informatics Education: A Proposed Collaborative Clinical Experience
    Moved Research by Steve MSN 2 B May 11, '12
  9. Quick survey for group project
    Moved by Nolli May 3, '12
  10. Help with honors research project
    Moved Research by JHobbs Apr 22, '12
  11. Interview of a Nurse Entrepreneur
    Moved by mla4267 Apr 13, '12
  12. Nurse Staffing Levels
    Moved by eatmysoxRN Apr 15, '12
  13. Please help!  Education/APN Interview Participation
    Moved by BitOGranola Apr 10, '12
  14. Sundowning! Please HELP!!
    Moved Research by Sundowning2012 Mar 27, '12
  15. Calling FNPs in Retail Health Care Settings!
    Moved by N9nes Mar 26, '12
  16. Honors Project Survey - Heart Attack
    Moved Research by beana34 Mar 15, '12
  17. Please Help with Nursing Research
    Moved by debhairr Jan 13, '12
  18. Nursing Survey
    Moved by KFran568 Oct 26, '11
  19. Oncology Nursesí Views on Using Therapeutic Humor as an Intervention
    Moved by DPU-RN Feb 9, '12
  20. Did you ever make a medication error and wonder if you should report it?
    Moved by debwin1 Feb 13, '12
  21. Survey
    Moved by ry8603 Feb 7, '12
  22. Need to interview someone who gave birth 20+ years ago...
    Moved by amkrafka Feb 5, '12
  23. Nurses as Wounded Healer Dr. Marion Conti-O'Hare
    Moved by funinsun Oct 14, '08
  24. Looking for Haitian-American interviewee... doesn't have to be an RN
    Moved by nashgirl516 Feb 1, '12
  25. Who is responsible for your health?
    Moved by jcasablanca Jan 31, '12
  26. Nursing education questions for student paper...
    Moved by lezliyloo Jan 28, '12
  27. Survey: Glucose Control in the ICU
    Moved by rjdragan01 Jan 18, '12
  28. HIV-Positive Nurses in Practice
    Moved by Soon2BaBSN Jan 23, '12
  29. SOS!!!!! Research ideas...:)
    Moved by inoj08 Nov 21, '11
  30. Research on pop consumption among healthcare professionals.RNs or NPs only.
    Moved by kht124 Jan 16, '12
  31. Desperately seeking IRB HELP!
    Moved by ToddONelson Dec 3, '11
  32. BSN Assignment - Seeking Interviewees
    Moved by bullcityrn Dec 2, '11
  33. Rational for 96 hour IV site change
    Moved by BriGuy31 Oct 30, '11
  34. Hearing-impaired Nursing students
    Moved by cher1157 Oct 16, '11
  35. Nurses and Physical Activity Questionnaire
    Moved by gsfe Sep 4, '11
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