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    i think the undergraduate nursing research class is invaluable and i look forward to taking the graduate level course and possibly pursuing a phd. not! my class primarily focuses on theory and very little application. iím expected to remember a foreign language and then apply it on the test only by reading the examples in the book. there are not enough examples given nor are there enough opportunities to evaluate my mastery of the material prior to the test. the study book used for the class does not, in any way, prepare me for the exam. iím so frustrated. i thought i was on my way to becoming a professor but i am beginning to wonder. could this class, notwithstanding the low pay, be the reason why so few nurses pursue their phd? this is just a taste of what's to come. if i just donít understand this material at the undergraduate level, how can i understand it at the graduate and doctorate level? i am so darned frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks for listening to my rant. just had a test and i know i bombed. 3 weeks till the end of the semester and i'm thinking of dropping the course because i do not want a c on my transcript.
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