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  1. MSN thesis: Nurse job dissatisfaction and job satisfation
    Moved Research by rochern Oct 15, '13
  2. Attention all nurses!! Can you take this survey when you have time please. Thank you
    Moved Research by sumerta Aug 8, '13
  3. Nurses and Advance Directives:  Brief Survey
    Moved Research by attorneynurse Oct 8, '13
  4. Research Study: Violent Felons and Sex Offenders in LTC Nursing Facilities
    Moved Research by nbrack Oct 5, '13
  5. Nursing Challenges when Caring for the Patient with Alzheimer's Disease and Delirium
    Moved Research by cparker67 Sep 29, '13
  6. MSN  thesis survey:Effects of Bullying, Harassment & Verbal Abuse at work
    Moved Research by csingram2 Jul 30, '13
  7. "Factors influencing New Graduate Nurse Retention."
    Moved Research by roxromuroso Sep 13, '13
  8. Survey Results: "Gender and the Experience of Moral Distress in Critical Care Nurses"
    Moved Article by coconne Sep 7, '13
  9. MSN Capstone Study: Exploring why Registered Nurses leave the bedside in acute care
    Moved Research by awilliamsrn Jul 15, '13
  10. HPV Vaccine Promotion - Nurses' Attitudes and Beliefs
    Moved Research by riceannc Jun 20, '13
  11. Interactions between nurses and occupational therapists
    Moved Research by aform Jun 14, '13
  12. Nursing Survey "ER nurses burnout" Please complete survey for Master capstone project
    Moved Research by 5baseballmom May 1, '13
  13. Nurse Survey for MSN Capstone!
    Moved Research by hswift May 26, '13
  14. Strategies for Retention of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Skills in Registered Nurses
    Moved Research by msufan3710 May 20, '13
  15. Submission Rules for Academic Nursing Research Participation - Must Read
    • Closed
    FAQs by tnbutterfly Apr 12, '13
  16. Submission Rules - Must Read
    Moved by brian Jan 24, '08
  17. Graduate Study: Need RN's use who use their smartphone during work hours!
    Moved Research by michtolallie Apr 8, '13
  18. Beliefs about drug use among patients.
    Moved Research by jstringer Mar 25, '13
  19. Nursing Survey "Preferred Nursing Leadership Style"
    Moved Research by topspeed Mar 15, '13
  20. Bullying in nursing school, please complete survey
    Moved Research by Curious13 Mar 11, '13
  21. Survey of nutritional knowledge of nursing students
    Moved Research by NathalyBattifora Mar 6, '13
  22. Need help!
    Moved by Soha Abu Eid Feb 28, '13
  23. could you guys give me a nursing research topic
    Moved by charmaineretuta Jan 8, '13
  24. Grad student seeking personal nursing stories
    Moved by JSLau Feb 7, '13
  25. Stress and the Nursing Student Survey
    Moved Research by misspander2 Jan 29, '13
  26. I need help with my research topics
    Moved by olusola odusanya Jan 27, '13
  27. Alternatives to Current Techniques Nurses Use to Prevent Back Injuries
    Moved Research by meganahenson Oct 11, '12
  28. Obesity Study
    Moved Research by almacg Oct 3, '12
  29. Project: Barriers to Nursing Education for Minorities
    Moved Research by MamaKorede Jul 17, '12
  30. Interviewing a Nursing Leader
    Moved by okonrad Sep 14, '12
  31. Nursing Mandatory Continuing Education Research Survey
    Moved Research by fer1220 Aug 13, '12
  32. MSN Capstone Research-Incident Reporting
    Moved Research by lissm Jun 21, '12
  33. I need to interview an RN
    Moved by petiteex Jun 25, '12
  34. Participants Needed in the Richmond, Virginia Area
    Moved Research by rhmaine Jul 23, '12
  35. Please answer survey for masters dissertation
    Moved Research by bmabala Jul 18, '12
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