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Nurses must possess an understanding of the ethics of the nursing profession and the responsibilities imposed on the nurse’s professional practice. Nurses may, over time and because of a variety of reasons, lose sight of the professional conduct expected. Nursing Professionalism will include discussions about the individual NPA, Code of Ethics, as well as solidify the competent image that portrays the nurse as we should be: Educated, Professional, Articulate, Critical Thinkers.

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Nursing Behind the Wall

By mikethemurse - When non medical people ask me what I do for a living the usual response is "...that's interesting?!" When nurses ask the most common response is "Why?" I am a corrections nurse, and over the years I have found that the general nursing community has no idea what we do. This article will hopefully... Read More


The Ovarian Cancer Blues

By OCNRN63 - On Sept. 4th, President Obama signed a proclamation declaring September "Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month." He urged women to get regular check ups to increase the possibility of early detection, and touted the Affordable Care Act as a means to protect women with this disease from being treated... Read More


Press Release - allnurses Survey Says Nurses are Bullish on the Industry Outlook

By tnbutterfly - What do nurses think about the outlook of the nursing profession? What they wish the public knew about their job? We wanted to find the answers to these and other questions. Thanks to our members who participated in a survey, we now have the latest results of what real nurses think. Read to see... Read More


My true calling

By Sayangku - Nursing is selfless and Self-awareness. Time really flies so fast,modern technologies are discovered. A lot of changes can be seen around the globe. But one thing that doesn’t change is the dedication to nursing excellence through ethics, standards, and best practices. As years go by in the field... Read More


Lynda Van Devanter - A True Hero

By RNIBCLC - My earliest influence on my decision to be a nurse came from a neighbor who was a nurse in Vietnam. Many of the most famous nurses were heroes from a previous war. There is very little written about a Vietnam nurse leader or about nurse heroes from that era. I began researching nurses and the... Read More


Online Nursing Study Tips: What Has Worked For Me

By TheCommuter - Many newly enrolled students want to find a way to accelerate through WGU's RN-to-BSN degree completion program coursework. The following piece is a loosely organized collection of study tips that have helped me accelerate through WGU's competency-based courses. These tactics may or may not be... Read More


How are you easing your first day jitters?

By augurey - A month ago, I wasn't nervous. I was pretty much just excited. The reality of nursing school didn't start to sink in until I had put in my notice at work, but still, my first day still felt so long away. My last day of work was 2 days ago. I've given myself 2 days to veg out, get our house and... Read More


Nursing and Michelangelo

By SarahLeeRN - What exactly is nursing? There are a million definitions of what nursing is, and many of these would be correct. But the more I practice, the closer I think I am to knowing the definition. Nursing is an art. One definition of an art is: the expression or application of human creative... Read More


I Wasn't Called to Nursing, I Just Showed Up.

By Lori215 - I was one of those straight A, AP, National Honor Society kids in high school, so I was a little shocked when things didn't go my way at the University. It was very hard to figure out how I was going to get myself into nursing school without getting myself in a lot of debt. While my story probably... Read More


Lessons from a night as a Patient Companion

By cd365c - Each action taken is a stop forward or backward in someone's overall health. The patient companion/ CNA is the key to running an efficient facility. Even one night can teach you a whole lot about the impact you make on someone's care in an acute setting whether better or worse. Part of learning... Read More


The DEU Model of Nursing Education

By kalycat - Information for students evaluating nursing programs; comparison between traditional and DEU models and the clinical experiences provided. Links to additional information regarding the DEU and how nursing students develop critical thinking and clinical confidence more rapidly in programs that... Read More


Little did she know, her life was about to change forever.

By RschIVF40 - She could remember it like it was yesterday… She was at work when the abdominal pain and nausea started. She assumed this was from a little food poisoning. She tried to work through it, however, the abdominal pain and nausea continued to get worse as the afternoon progressed. Just prior to the end... Read More


The Devil and Delta Webster

By VivaLasViejas - I could hear the complaining all the way down the hall as I clocked in for my shift. "Will somebody tell me again why we don't have air conditioning!?" "Because the owner's too cheap to put it in." "This is supposed to be the hottest day of the year. How're we supposed to get through it?" "Ask... Read More


On Negative Feedback

By Ruby Vee - There’s being blunt, honest and plain spoken. There’s saying what you mean and meaning what you say. There’s giving it to you straight, not pulling punches and there’s even being rude or brusque. But none of those things are mean, nasty or hateful. They’re a communication style that not... Read More


On having 2 titles: Nurse and Patient

By MariposaLPN - What happens when you're both a patient and a nurse? As a diabetic I wear two titles: LPN and diabetic. Although I am sad to have been diagnosed with this disease, especially at a young age, it is a blessing in disguise, as I now understand why I was "called" to nursing. To me it is not only a... Read More


Alzheimer's Disease

By lprutean - Alzheimer's Disease affects 5 million American people. The underlying cause of the disease is still unknown and a cure is not available at this time. Some of the medications available on the market can help to slow down the progression of the disease, and help the patients to remain functional till... Read More


Army Nursing: All Good Things Must Come To An End

By Pixie.RN - I knew that I wanted to step away from active service. This decision was underscored by my last day on my compound in Afghanistan, when I read an email from a person higher up in my chain of command, telling me that I was PCS-vulnerable (while still deployed, seriously?!) and asking how Korea... Read More


So I married a mysophobic...

By opdahlamber - My husband is scared of germs. At the gas station, he eyes the credit card machine with rancor. At the grocery store, he digs for fruit buried on the bottom. I perform a not-so-sexy strip tease after every shift, removing my bacteria-laden scrubs. I started thinking about a recent trip to the gas... Read More