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Can Pediatric Dialysis be Fun?

Our children hospital embrace the theme “ Power of Play” to welcome every child that comes to the... Read More

Want to Begin Exercising? Check out Your Local Church

I have an elliptical at home, but too many days after work it is easy to find a hundred other... Read More

Accept Your Limitations, Embrace Your Abilities

We all appreciate (and need) study tips, but does that mean they'll automatically work for us?... Read More

The Nurse on the Other Side

Every nurse will one day find themselves on the other side of nursing. When the time comes, how do... Read More

Why I am not Surprised by Joy Behar’s Ignorant Comments

Joy Behar of The View may have well informed opinions on many topics, but her views on nursing are... Read More

Crisis in the Field

by Mcdhig

This is a story of what happened while attending a conference. A time in my career where everything... Read More

Nurses that eat their young

A story about a nurse who is treated poorly by older nurses in her young career, She is determined... Read More

Study Tip: Know What Type of Learner You Are!

Even though we are all capable of learning, we must contend with the reality that each person... Read More

Everyone Wants to Become a Nurse For Different Reasons

As nurses we specialize in so many different areas, it's what makes this profession so interesting... Read More

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The Heat is On: Why the Temporal Artery Thermometer Should Be Your "Go-To"

Presented By Exergen Corporation

Nurses are on the front line of patient care. Taking and evaluating vital signs is one of the... Read More

Revamp your Resume

If you are not landing interviews, the problem may be your resume. Your resume is so much more... Read More

Am I On Camera? No Paparazzi Please!

In a time where technology seems to be the common theme throughout the world, and the majority of... Read More

3 Tips for overwhelmed Nurses

How to make it thru the week.... Do you ever wonder how are you going to make it through the week? I know, once your day start it seems like the... Read More

Through the back door

by kaylie1

This is my story about my time as a hospice nurse. Providing comfort is at the core or essence of nursing. Although medications can be used, other... Read More

#NursesUnited: Can we continue the momentum for necessary change?

Nursing has been plagued over the years by division within its ranks. However, recent events have resulted in nurses uniting together despite those... Read More

An open letter to the #NursesUnite movement

I’ve had this on my mind for quite some time, but am now able to put it into words. Since Joy Behar opened her mouth and let her ignorance towards... Read More

10 Tips For Being A Better Nursing Student And Lifelong Learner

Your investment in your education is a significant one: it is an investment of your time, your finances, and perhaps at times, your sanity. Studying... Read More

Code Blue: What Should I Do?

There is nothing that gets your adrenaline going more than a cardiac or respiratory arrest during your shift, especially on a patient you were just... Read More

Kickin' it Back, Old School

by jadelpn

Sometimes, one has to just get back to basics. Supplies needed: multi color pens, highlighters, index cards (colors), spiral notebooks in multiple... Read More

Study tips: Ten of the #1’s ‘Top Ten’ Study Habits

Sound confusing? The title baffles me a little too. I did some research, looked at college admissions advice, and have reviewed hundreds of study... Read More

You Just Never Know-A Patient Makes Me Look Inside

While working as a nurse-tech in nursing school, I would often get assigned the Psych patients or the HIPAA-No patients (usually those who were... Read More

Foreign based nurse needs help finding a hospital job

Dear Beth, I have completed my 3 years Nursing course in 2004 specialized in psychiatric nursing. Currently i am working in qatar as a medic admin... Read More

The Gift I Didn't Want to Give

If Carrie Lawson had tried to invoke a feeling of serenity by the way she’d designed her home, she’d succeeded. The walls were a painted light... Read More

Age Discrimination in Nursing

Have you experienced age discrimination? This writer says it exists, and it's real. Maybe you are having a hard time getting hired, or worse yet,... Read More