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Accusing Hospice

by jeastridge Accusing Hospice is a story about an encounter between a hospice nurse and a family dealing with... Read More


Healing Hands Together: When All Else Fails

by terryb328 Integrative healthcare treats patients totally; mind, body, and spirit. It fosters relaxation which... Read More

Biofilm: Undercover Assassin

by Brenda F. Johnson There is a new killer in town known as biofilm. In this article, we will explore what it is, where... Read More

All about the tubes... reflections of a new ER nurse

by stephen1219 I have these moments where my entire life flashes before my eyes. As if everything I’ve ever done,... Read More


by AspiringNurseMW My short journey as a pre-nursing student and applying to my ADN program. Sharing my experience of... Read More

Nursing Brain Sheets for Beginners

by Lynda Lampert, RN Nursing Brain sheets are summaries that help nurses remember their patient’s particulars. Most... Read More

What makes a better pediatric nurse? Life experience vs. credentials

by JNURSCO Pediatric nurses have unique challenges. Nurses are not only caring for the patient but the parents... Read More

Stop! Is that Assessment Really Necessary?

by dinah77 While playing with my 3 year old daughter today, I had an opportunity to reflect on an issue that... Read More

She Was Waiting for an Angel to Guide Her: A Compassionate Nurse

by dreamcatcher333 This article is about my experience with the hospice nurse that cared for my mother during her final hours with us. The compassion that this nurse... Read More

Why Nursing?

by Erufot This is my story on how I chose the wonderful profession of nursing. My decision to pursue nursing took a bachelor's degree in another field and life... Read More

School nurses making a positive impact on their community

by NutmeggeRN School nurses make an impact in a variety of place in their community. In their building (or buildings) with the students they serve, as well as the... Read More

An Open Letter to a Former Nursing Professor

by FurBabyMom We go to college for an education. At the time, sometimes we think it's mostly related to our degree and/or passing classes. Except, when the classes... Read More

Lessons Learned as an Expert Nurse Witness

by ElizabethStoneRN In the past couple of years I have been asked to serve as an expert nurse witness for several medical-legal cases. The downside of consulting for... Read More

Time, No Longer Standing Still

by Jacqueline.Damm On a recent visit to the site of Chimborazo hospital in Richmond, Virginia, I realized that I had only a glorified idea of what nursing used to be.... Read More

This is where I'm meant to be

by jdd112 Reflecting upon my time as a I/DD nurse, I realized too many people do not know about our little corner of the nursing world. Others don't understand... Read More

Poor doesn't always mean poor

by doctorwhofan What happens when you travel to Guatemala on a mission trip? You learn that (1) Your high school Spanish is never going to be enough; (2) Even... Read More

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